Wall Tiles – 3 Steps for choosing the colour for your wall tiles.

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Wall TilesSeems like you’re searching for the wow factor for home. Wall tiles can make a huge difference. Construction zones aren’t really fun to looks at and that’s why getting your home built or renovated in a reasonable time frame is what you want.

However, will your jaw drop from joy or shock once it’s all said and done? Make sure you take a look at the following for ideas on which colours to use for your wall tiles so that you can say wow once it’s all done.

Firstly why wall tiles? Wall tiles are great because they’re easy to clean while looking great. For this article though, the focus is on colour and another great thing about wall tiles is that they do come in a large amount of colours. So how do you choose? Take a look at these steps.

1. Decide which rooms will have wall tiles. Each room will have its own look and it’s important you know what look you want to achieve.

2. Know your colours. Colours not only make things look nice, but they affect the way we feel. Can you imagine trying to relax when the colours around you are screaming for your attention? Or how about trying to get moving when the colours are telling you to stop? Yes, colours can do that and that’s why you need to know your colours. How?

a. Neutral colours form the foundation for a colour scheme.

b. Stimulating colours are achieved if you have red and yellow and any colour that comes out by mixing these two.

c. Calming colours are achieved by mixing blue with yellow or blue with red. Note though that there needs to be more blue than the others for it to be a calming colour.

3. Decide whether your wall tiles will cover the whole wall or just part. This will help you decide whether you will use stimulating or calming colours to highlight or cover.
Don’t worry too much if you’re still not sure because we can give you more direction by replying to your comments on www.wall-tiles.net.au.

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