Shower Wall Tiles : How To Remove

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Removing Shower Wall Tiles

Shower Wall TilesThe interesting thing about home decorating is that it permits you to bend creative muscles when you get a new concept. The not-so-exciting thing is that it requires a lots of work. However with a few recommendations from the pros you can make a go of countless jobs and save yourself a pretty penny in the process. Let’s take into consideration removing shower wall tiles.

Make sure you have all the various tools you’ll need, before beginning any project. The suggested resources really are a utility knife, flat bar, chisel, and a hammer. In addition, protection goggles with side protection as well as durable gloves, particularly leather or the like will keep you from getting cuts and eye injuries. Place down some cardboard to help keep falling tile and tools from damaging, if you want to keep the same shower pan.

Taking out the cover plate, shower handle, and the shower head may be the next thing to accomplish. This task just involve taking off a couple of screws. So it is quite simple to complete.

At this stage, you can now begin the whole process. Starting with the bullnose tiles on the end, put the flat bar at an angle and softly tap against the underside of the tile. In so doing, the tile should easily come away. One method would be to remove many of these end tiles first, then work your way inward. What about the tiles before the ceiling? Harming the ceiling and pulling away the tile is a thing which you might not need to risk. So, utilizing a utility knife, create a cut over the grout where it connects to the ceiling. This would permit the tile to come away freely with no damage to your ceiling.

Cutting through to the fibro sheeting employing a reciprocating saw then pulling the entire tile installation away is recommended by some. As you risk cutting through electrical and plumbing work which is often costly and even cause injury, this can be a really dangerous step.

It would only take between a half-hour with an hour if you use the hammer method.

That’s all there is to getting rid of shower wall tiles. Would you like to buy shower wall times? Do you require more details? Why don’t you visit your local tile store or possibly a respected tile factory outlet for additional guidance and find out more about the top and most economical wall tile prices around.

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