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by Wall Tiles Online on 6:19 am

TilesHave you ever wondered why your kitchen always looked like the smallest part of the house, no matter which angle you looked at it? Irrespective of how spacious it says on the brochure, the kitchen always looked smaller than your expectations. Now, that’s not because they’re lying on the brochure, it’s because of the tiles used!

Previously, a majority of home owners tended to use smaller tiles in their kitchens which actually made it look smaller without adding any advantage. Given that they have finally understood this fact, they’re switching to tiles of a larger format and yes it does work! Having larger format tiles on the walls and floor of your kitchen isn’t all that’s needed though. An added benefit comes if you use a slightly or highly reflective material for the tiling purposes, like porcelain. Some home owners have installed porcelain tiles in their kitchen whose mere reflectiveness can make it look like a glass splashback.

Also, if you use nano sealed porcelain, almost all of the light thrown at it is reflected back! It adds a nice effect to those dark corners of your kitchen that you never taken notice of. They all at once seem bigger, brighter and a lot more beautiful than before! The typical format for working wonders on your kitchen is 600x600mm. While you could search the effects online, we advise you visit and we will show the wonder to you personally.

Want to know the best place for tiles? Whether you are looking for tiles for your kitchen, bathroom or any room for that matter, the best place is TFO Tile Factory Outlet. They have over 60,000m2 of tiles ready for immediate pick up. So you are sure to find something that you will like.

Tile Factory Outlet has a great range of quality tiles at amazingly low prices. Visit them in their Sydney showroom or compare and buy tiles from their online store.

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