Mosaic Tiles – What They Really Are

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Mosaic TilesMosaics have been well known all through the history as cosmetic element in homes, back then it took an eternity to put together, piece by piece. In modern times the same effect can be accomplished much quicker while using a cleverly constructed mosaic tiles.

This rich effect of “hand crafted” mosaic ad another dimension to any interior and instantly attracts the eyes.

In a mosaic sheet small pieces of stone, glass, marble, travertine or other materials come already pre-arranged forming one sheet. Getting many pieces already arranged in one sheet helps make the application process much faster. Strong, tear resistant fabric sustains the pieces but can be easily cut to desired size.

Most Popular Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles, a well known kitchen and bathroom choice, are made of thick and resistant bits of glass. There are two main choices: square shaped, resembling a checkerboard or rectangle shape arranged similar to a brickwork. The thickness of the glass provides a spectacular reflection from any light source, good lighting can improve the effect.

Marble mosaic tiles are very popular, marble has been used for a long time as a main decorative material, especially in mediterranean homes. Nice colours and tones range from beige to reds and blacks. Marble is a naturally resistant material and can get more beautiful as they age.

Travertine mosaic tiles have a unique appeal because their porous and uneven limestone surface produces a nice “aged” effect. There are several cream-coloured varieties on the marked that work rather well in bathrooms. For kitchens there’s a bunch of tones from light browns to red and yellow tiles.

Stone mosaic tiles use stones in a single or in diverse colours. Often, unusual stones are employed to add more detail to the texture.There’s also a selection of tiles using small pebbles, however it must be handled by a professional as the fixing can be trickier.

There’s no limit to colours, finishes or arrangements you can get on the market as retailers offer several choices of mosaic tiles.The more exotic the material utilized, the more spectacular effects can be accomplished that may never be realized utilizing a standard tile.

Other Uses Of Mosaic Tiles

Yet another extremely effective decorative application is to utilize a mosaic tile as a border. Instead of covering the whole area with mosaic, the sheets might be cut down to create borders.

Installing Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic are available in sheets that are flexible and need to be aligned properly with other tiles, so there is no apparent space difference between the sheets. They can be readily cut to desired shape, between the stones, with any utility knife. The tiles also need to be tapped down to make the surface even.

There’s virtually no limit to where the mosaic tiles can be installed. Obviously bathrooms and kitchens would be the most common choice but well selected tiles will add importance and boost appearance of virtually any area as the materials used in mosaics like marble and travertine never seem to date.

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