Flamed Granite Floor Tiles – Strategies To Clean Them Easily

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Flamed Granite Floor TilesFlamed granite floor tiles are kinds of tiles that happen to be rough. They’ve got rough textures as they are intended to be utilized in the outdoors. These types of tiles are strong and sturdy and also really keep going for a long, long period of time as compared to other kinds of cheap tiles available in the current market.

Even so, when these tiles are polished quite well, they could be very slippery and they’re risky to be utilized in the outdoors. So, for you to have the best understanding about flamed granite floor tiles, you must follow these essential techniques to keep up with the strength and looks of these granite tiles for them to serve you for a long, long time.

Furthermore, it is best to learn the ways concerning how to clean these tiles to ensure that they can look a whole lot better and will stay attractive for most of the time. Remember that when you choose granite tiles at home, you are actually in the way to adding beauty and elegance to your home. These are widely used in countertops and flooring purposes. These tiles are flamed to provide textures to the surfaces of every single tiles used.

However, you have to keep in mind that cleaning Flamed granite floor tiles differs from the procedures done in cleaning traditional and regular types of tiles. You have to take exert extra care while cleaning so that you do not damage the surface of these flamed tiles. Remember that when these tiles are cleaned properly, they will surely last for years and years to come, thus making you experience the grandeur of its looks for a long, long time.

Everyday Cleaning Procedures

Flamed Granite Floor Tiles – Strategies To Clean Them Easily

• Simply wipe the tiles using a damp cloth dampened by plain water; then, wipe the tiles with dry cloth

• Use a mop to pick up dusts, debris, and dirt

• Use a sponge mop whenever you clean the surface of the granite tiles. Use plain water to dampen the sponge mop

Weekly and Bi-weekly Cleaning

• Use a big bucket filled with warm water. Add a small part of soap mild ones are better) and mix the soap and water properly

• Use a rag or cloth to dip into the pail or bucket. It’s a soapy water cleanser that can be used to clean up your flamed granite floor tiles; ensure that you work in sections so as not to make the soaps dry on the surface of the tile

• To rinse, utilize a sponge mop or rag dipped in plain water to wipe the tiles which have been wiped with soapy water. Ensure that you check out sections and ensure that excess moisture are properly wiped out

Deep Cleaning Procedure

• With a bottle measuring quart-size, add isopropyl alcohol and 2-3 drops of mild soap (liquid)

• Fill the bottle with hot water

• Shake the bottle very well to ensure the substances combine or mix properly

• Spray little bit on the surface of the tiles; work section by sectio0n

• Dry the flamed granite floor tiles with dry cloth or rag

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