Ceramic Tiles : A Quick History

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Ceramic Tiles – Italian Floor & Wall Tiles

Painted porcelain and ceramic tiles that are utilized as floor and wall tiles are a lot in Italy. It had been in the middle ages that Italy began creating ceramic tiles, they were based on the Islamic designs. The tiles being made at this time had designs were hand-painted and these tiles started being used in constructions of that time. The beautiful designs on these tile and the quality finish, permitted the architects of the time to make use of these tiles not just in ornamental fashion on the floors but were also used to decorate the walls and ceilings of buildings. These were also much in demand in homes of that time apart from being used in public buildings.

These tiles were utilised by artists as a method to convey their art and up to the Nineteenth century usually were decorated with scenes from the Bible. The trend turned to geometric designs in the 19th century and tiles with designs that incorporated this feature were produced. Establishing new procedures and production processes to greatly improve these ceramic tiles become stronger since the time that the artisans started manufacturing ceramic tiles.

The Italian tile industry soon implemented mass production in its creation of tiles as new procedures were developed . To accommodate the requirements of the building industry, hand painted tiles could now be replicated by machines and created in sizes. There are plenty of different styles of these hand-painted styles that it has been difficult to acquire records of all of them.

Currently Italian floor and wall ceramic tiles are made both in large manufacturing facilities as well as small artisan units. They come in a variety of colours and also the smaller units still create hand-painted artistic tiles with the same tactics that have been handed down through the generation and are much in demand due to their uniqueness.

Italy is also noted for its marble tiles. These tiles can be purchased in various colours like white, black, green and even pink. Italian marble is known for the delicate veins built into its structure and these tiles can be found in several public and commercial buildings as well as many homes.

If the budget enables it, you may have ceramic tiled floor because Italian floor and wall tiles are not the most affordable on the market. There is nothing that can rival the wonder and uniqueness of Italian Ceramic or porcelain tiles.

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