Carrara Marble Tiles — Look for the Best at the Best Prices!

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Carrara Marble Tiles

Carrara Marble TilesWhat makes carrara marble tiles a sought after product? Well, marble has two highly prized qualities—durability and aesthetic beauty.

Carrara Marble Tiles — Look for the Best at the Best Prices! Carrara marble tiles (which are sometimes mistakenly called ‘Carrera’) have a characteristic natural white or blue-gray color. The material is only quarried in one place, and that is the city of Carrara, Italy from which it gets its name. Being available only from a limited area and flaunting a rare and unique hue that gives it a clean and pristine look is what makes Carrara a top choice in marble tiles.

Though you will most likely find Carrara marble tiles as part of an floor tile scheme or even as a kitchen countertop, we were not the first to fall in love with these exquisite tiles. It was even used as such in modern times when designers of the eighty-story, 346 meters high Amoco building in Chicago had it entirely clad with Italian Carrara marble tile façade.

Here at TFO, we source the best Carrara marble tiles available and bring it to you at the lowest prices around. Why should you go for this product? Consider some reasons.

Carrara marble tiles provide a clean brightness to your living or kitchen area as well as a timeless, classic beauty.
Moreover, the stone is naturally cool. Despite its beauty and durability, Carrara marble is more common, more easily obtained, and thus one of the least costly forms of marble.

In addition to the design benefits, marble tiles in Sydney homes will actually increase the overall value of your home. Now we encourage you to save a lot of money and consider buying your Carrara marble at TFO

For Carrara marble tiles. Take a trip to our TFO in Sydney or compare prices and purchase online for savings you will find nowhere else.

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